See What’s Happening at This Summer’s Campus Safety Conferences

See What’s Happening at This Summer’s Campus Safety Conferences


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Here are some highlights from CSC 2019.


Taking place in Las Vegas, June 17-19; Dallas, July 21-23; and Charlotte, N.C., August 6-8, each Campus Safety Conference has special sessions created just for the regions where they are being held. Photo: Adobe Stock

Summer is almost here, and the Campus Safety Conferences are right around the corner. Taking place in Las Vegas (CSC West), June 17-19; Dallas (CSC Texas), July 21-23; and Charlotte, N.C. (CSC East), August 6-8, each event has special sessions created just for the regions where they are being held.

Here are the sessions you’ll only be able to attend at CSC West in Las Vegas in June:

Anticipating the Unthinkable: Developing a Student-Parent Reunification and Recovery Plan Don’t Just “Follow the Leader:” Effective Leaders Must Impart Values, Not Mimicry Sexual Assault Investigations: The Impact of Community Policing and Public Outreach Recovery and Resilience: Taking Care of Yourself, Your Staff, and Your Community

View CSC West’s Full Agenda

You’ll only be able to attend the following sessions at CSC Texas in Dallas in July:

Drug Prevention Initiatives: Tools to Combat Opioid Misuse Be Better Prepared: Creating a Collaborative and Comprehensive Emergency Management Training Program Blackboard_Logo_StdMed-300x142.jpg

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Emergency Response Planning and Strategies: Brook Hill School’s All-Hazards Approach to Safety How the University of Texas at Austin Maximized the Effectiveness of Its Emergency Notification System

View CSC Texas’ Full Agenda

You don’t want to miss these sessions… featured only at CSC East in Charlotte, N.C. in August:

False Alarm!: The Recovery Steps You Still Must Make After an Incident Transitioning from a Security Department to a Police Department: The Evolution of Unarmed Security to a Post-Recognized Campus Police Department The Human Factor in Emergency Management: What Neuroscience Teaches Us About Behavior Improving School Safety: Creating the Position of School Security Director

View CSC East’s Full Agenda

All three Campus Safety Conferences will also include networking opportunities and sponsor showcases where you’ll be able to check out the top security, law enforcement and emergency management products and services.

To register for any or all three CSCs, visit, call 855-351-0927 or email

Additionally, VIP prices are available for teams of four or more. For more information, contact Olivia Roma at or call (774) 505-8032.

Sponsorships are still available! To become a sponsor, click here.

See you this summer!

Registration for this summer's 2019 Campus Safety Conferences is now open! CSC West is June 17-19 in Las Vegas. CSC Texas is July 21-23 in Dallas. CSC East is August 6-8 in Charlotte, N.C. Register today at or call (855) 351-0927.

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